Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Pizzas for Months

Happy Pizza Month! I love me some pizza. I once had a character (in a story I wrote) love pizza so much it was literally what he was living for. So, yeah, I love pizza. It's also International Artist Day, so to make the most of your day, you should probably eat some kind of artistic-looking pizza. Perhaps like these from Giovanni Landi.

The only problem is that eating these would be a I'll just take one from Papa John's, with their soft crust and garlic dipping butter...yum! Or you could make these cute cat pizzas. I wouldn't feel as bad, since these probably don't take as long to make.

And if you're looking for a Halloween pizza idea, maybe you should make these mummy pizzas before trick-or-treating.

And yep, like my previous pizza posts (I have quite a few for some reason), I have a crafty idea for you too. This paper garland comes in a kit from Paper Source, but I'm betting you have enough paper scraps at home to make it without the kit, if you're like me. 

If you want an artistic banner instead, I love this idea from life is a party's blog. Paint chips are free, just add letters! 

And if you want to theme it up for the whole month, try reading these books. Here's a picture book about pizza in Italy for kids.

And here's an adult novel that features pizza apparently. Haven't read it, but here you go!

And lastly, here's some free digi art to celebrate Artist Day! Head to for this download and more masterpiece art.

There you have and art celebrated together. Now I need some pizza and my crafty tools...time to create!

Happy Wednesday!

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