Monday, November 20, 2017

Winnie & Walter Color Challenge

I was flipping around some favorite crafty sites and found this lovely color combo on Winnie and Walter. It really inspired me to give it a shot. 

I only have dies from W&W but no stamps and I couldn't decide how to use them in this color challenge. Then I noticed that they have freebies, so I went to the link and picked up the perfect free digi stamp for this challenge and you can too! I cut the patterned tags and strips into flags, cropped the coffee image and added a navy circle frame. The words are also part of the digi. The gray paper was just a scrap that is watercolored gray.

This was fun to make...and that color combo has me thinking of more projects...we'll see if I get a chance to make more for this challenge. You can join me here if you want to try these colors yourself! 

And head's up! Tomorrow is World Television Day, so celebrate by binge watching some great tv this week. May I suggest Veronica Mars? It's from the 2000s and has both a stellar cast and some great storytelling and amazing characters. You're sure to fall in love with at least one...Veronica Mars is just like Nancy Drew updated for the new millennium...sassy and smart, solving mysteries with her p.i. skills and just perfect in all ways. And ya gotta love Weevil and Wallace, oh and Veronica's dad is so perfect. I guarantee the first episode and you'll be hooked!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Cute coffee card. Love this colour combo too. I may be using it in more of my cards too.


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