Wednesday, April 25, 2018

National Princess Week

So, we actually have a National Princess Week...who knew? Okay, Julie Andrews did, because she has a post about it here, with ideas on how to celebrate Princess Week. My favorite suggestion is to wear a tiara to breakfast. That would wake the family up! There are also suggestions on movies and books with Princess themes to try out. My favorite Disney Princess is Cinderella, I loved that book I had as a kid. Now I like Belle best, and thought the movie with Emma Watson was very well done.

And though glass slippers sound absolutely uncomfortable, they look fabulous! My mom had clear high heels back in the 50s and she still has them in the cedar chest. 

If you're feeling the princess vibe, how about making these cute cupcakes? And send me one!

Or you can make these tiara pizzas from Pillsbury.

 Where there are princesses, fairies are sure to follow, so you could always make some Fairy Bread...hope it's not made with real fairies!

These fairy stamps from The Greeting Farm are on my list of wanna buy. Aren't they adorable?

And these cute princess stamps are from Kindred Stamps.

Well, that's a wrap on National Princess Week. Here's a last thought.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. to wear a tiara to breakfast :)))))))))) I will try this next year :))))


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