Monday, July 9, 2018

Snow White with Willowing Arts

For the first time, I saved up my dollars to take an online class from Willowing Arts and it's called Ever After 2018. It's a series of classes focusing on Fairy Tales with different instructors. For your first go-round, you try to stick as close as possible to the instructor's version. And then you can go back in after you've learned about your own style and redo them.

I have to admit I skipped the guided meditation but I did fill out the workbook and found it helpful.

I didn't start taking pics until I had the first two layers finished on the Evil Queen and Snow White. Let me tell you, I should've taken one with the Queen finished and Snow White just started...she was a hot mess. Eventually she came out all right. For the watercolor layer, I used a mix of Koi paints and Tombow Brush Pens as watercolors and they played well together. I love how you can use lots of different mediums together.

We worked in stages, this is with the black paint added.

Close-up of SW and birdie friend.

This is with the collage papers. I learned two things, the paper shouldn't be cardstock (too lumpy) and I don't like dragging out 35 supplies. Glad I followed along though and did it just because I would've automatically skipped the collage part if we weren't told to follow the artist's steps. But it brought another level and layer to the picture. 

Finished painting! Whew!

Great process and enjoyable project. On to the next one! Highly recommend this course and you can get 20% off until July 10!

Happy Monday!

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