Tuesday, July 31, 2018

The Three Amigos

Today I have a page I colored up in the Whimsical Girls Art Journal by Jane Davenport. I'm thoroughly enjoying doodling and coloring this book. There are different types of paper for different media and this page I used Prismacolor Pencils...my favorite coloring medium right now.

Here's the page as I started doodling. The lighting was bad, but I wanted to show what it looks like before you start (well, mostly before you start).

And here's the page finished—The Three Amigas. I could've colored my doodles in the back, but I liked it like this.

Whenever I see three girls, it reminds me of my sisters and myself, but I didn't color these girls up like my real sibs. They'd all have gray hair! Our oldest sister actually has the least gray, but I'm not bitter...really :)

And here's a clip (hence the post title) from one of the goofiest movies I loved in the 80s...The Three Amigos starring Steve Martin, Martin Short and Chevy Chase. My hubby and I still quote this movie. And it has my favorite swear of all time, "son of a motherless goat."

Happy Monday!  Tuesday!

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