Friday, March 3, 2017

Dollar Store Finds

I'm a fan of the dollar stores for a few items...coloring books (which are usually so  much more expensive than $1), name-brand makeup for the kids for theatre purposes (you can't keep mascara forever, and it only gets used for the run of the show), theatre-box sized candy and glassware.

My favorite thing to find at the dollar store, though, are craft items. This time, I found toothpaste, glass coffee mugs and this glass plate. It's glazed and a beautiful aqua color. I added a phrase with my paint pens and let it dry. Now it's ready for decor. I think I need the natural colored stones instead of the clear ones (that I colored with permanent marker) for the candle, but guess what? They have those at the dollar store too!

If I were planning to use this a lot and needed to wash it often, I would've used pens made for that, like these Pebeo Porcelaine pens. I didn't have one handy and the pen I used will work for awhile. It will eventually wear off I think. But hey, I'm living in the moment! I wanted to try lettering on a plate and I did and it worked fine. 

Here's another shot without the candle. 

What's your favorite thing to get at the dollar store? 

Happy Friday!


  1. Very nice. I get small containers for things. I also got some small serving trays that look silver. If I am working with a bunch of stamps I lay them on the tray so I can find them. Another one I glued a magnet on. I hung it on the wall to hold dies also they don't get lost.

    1. great idea, I'm always trying to find the stamps I've used and removed from the acrylic block...a tray would be helpful!

  2. Your lettering is fantastic, and what a great reminder! Glassware is probably my favorite dollar store find. That theatre makeup makes a lot of sense!

    1. thanks, Kara Lynne, I think we have about 10 Coke glasses we've gotten at different times from the dollar store. They're made in America and my hubby drinks Coke, so they work for him!


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