Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's raining, it's snowing...actually just snowing here

It's a blizzard here in Ohio, so I thought I'd post a snowman project. So easy, but so cute! Take a white baby sock, fill with uncooked rice to make the bottom of the snowman and squeeze the center. In the top portion, add fiberfill stuffing until it's just the right size. I made my snowman have a bigger head than bottom. Take a twisty tie and tie off the leg portion of the sock. Tie a felt or ribbon scarf where you squeezed the center. Add features with fabric paint and let dry. When it's dry, turn the sock down to form a toboggan hat for the snow man. So cute and easy! For faces, look online for cute snowman and then you can recreate the face you like best. I didn't do a carrot nose, but I kinda like it as a red dot. He can sit up by himself with rice in the bottom, but if you don't have any dry rice, just fill him with fiberfill, old socks or pantyhose or cotton balls. Add a ribbon and he can hang from a doorknob. Stay safe!