Monday, December 31, 2012

When I was a kid, I had to walk 3 miles to school...uphill both ways!

Hard to believe it's practically 2013...why I remember when it was just turning into the new century! Back in the day, we didn't have blu-ray and we used cds to store information and texting was called text-messaging and only forward-thinking teens did it. Those were the days! In that spirit, here are some articles about what kids today will be missing from the good old days.

One of my fave mags posted this sound quiz of sorts...see if you remember these, cuz your kids or grandkids won't!

Some of these "obsolete things" aren't quite obsolete and I hope paper books are never gone! But, I think the carbon paper and the laser discs are well and truly dead. Do you agree?

and this fun one is just for my 1980's peeps! :)

One year,  I took my kids to the Wayne County Historical Museum in Richmond, Indiana
and they have a manual typewriter that kids could try out. It was funny how much the kids enjoyed favorite part? When my then 13-year-old daughter couldn't figure out how to go to the next line! I had to demonstrate the bar return. Personally, I loved my brand-spanking-new word processor when I was a junior in college. It made writing papers sooo much easier—I could actually correct something before it printed and didn't need wite-out! And I could see all of four or five lines on the mini screen. Loved it! Ah, well, those were the days!

Have a safe, happy, fun New Year and a Fabulous 2013!