Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Are You a Good Witch or A Bad Witch?

You may not know it, but I am a total Oz girl—the original movie is my all-time favorite and I love Wicked and the new Oz the Great and Powerful was pretty cool too. So I've collected some papers and stickers and rub ons and stamps and, well, all things Oz. Last night, I put some of those elements together. I did have an old Ozma of Oz book from a book sale that had to be sacrificed for this piece...but I only took a page...and it was vital! 

It's my entry for the spring decor challenge at Moxie Fab World. Do you know why it says "spring" to me? Because back in the day, before cable, before dvd, before more than 4 TV channels, The Wizard of Oz was shown only once a year, at Easter time. My older sisters and I would make popcorn and settle in to the tube as close as our mom would let us and let the magic of Oz take us away. The wicked witch was scary, but not as scary as those creepy flying monkeys. Ick!

I've used Queen & Co washi tape to finish the edge of the canvas board, Mod Podge to adhere it all, Xmas Red Stickles for highlighting certain things (ruby slippers, anyone?) and Graphic 45 Oz paper. I kept adding bits like the chipboard tree, the cellophane poppies, and the rub ons, looking for the finishing touch. Wanna know what it was? The Distress Ink rainbow. Not too dark or opaque, but just right. sigh. This is going to have to be a year-round decoration in this house!

Whether your favorite witch is Glinda (like me), Elphaba (like my daughter), or another of the Oz gals, hope you have a magical day.