Friday, May 17, 2013

Fun Food Friday

If you haven't seen Nerdy Nummies over on YouTube, you gotta check it out if you're a nerd, in the best sence of the word. Y'know, you like Dr. Who, Star Trek, The Avengers and cool stuff like that.  :)

This young woman isn't a professional baker, but her food is all kinds of fun. Here's a picture of the Tardis gingerbread house she made with working light. Cool!

Here's the sandvich cake I'm making this weekend for the son. He loves Team Fortress 2 and apparently, the "sandvich" is important to the game. Whatevs. All I know is that I somehow have to make a cake without all the fondant she uses, as I don't like the taste. I'll post a pic on Monday, wish me luck in making something that comes close to this...

again, without the fondant, which makes decorating a cake much easier, but ickier imo. Does anyone like the taste of fondant? Just wondering.

Have a Great Weekend!