Friday, June 14, 2013

Masquerade! Paper Faces on Parade!

Masquerade! Hide your face, so the world will never find you. Yep, it's another song stuck in my head, and with this link to Phantom of the Opera, you too can have it stuck in yours. And why is going through my mind? Because dear daughter attended a Harry Potter masked ball at university and made a mask to go with her gown, a blue ombre sparkly thing. Did she send me a picture from the ball? Not so much, but she did bring the mask home, so I'll post this.

The mask is a fabric-covered white mask from Jo-Ann Fabrics and the bling was from the scrapbook section of the store. They're stickers, so you just peel and attach. They are from two different packages. Colleen colored the mask first with markers she took to college. I really like the pattern she chose. Still wish I had a pic of the outfit, but alas! when those kids go off to school, you're lucky if you get any pics. Here's one I received from the year. A chocolate duck, reading her book. My daughter, the goofball.

Have a great weekend and take a goofy pic!