Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a Very Important Date

Well, it's not terribly important, but I did miss my Monday posting and now it's already Tuesday! So, I thought I'd share my White Rabbit Plant Stick. I used this image from online, printed, colored and flocked with white. Then I fussy cut and taped him to a wooden skewer. I added the pin for his horn, some ribbon and a scroll then stuck him in one of my houseplants. I also gussied him up with Stickles, sticker bling and added ribbon to the skewer.

Easy, fun and, if you're giving a plant to someone, a great way to personalize a gift. Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I had a big date with the hubby for our 23rd anniversary...wha?!! Yep, I'm that old. Luckily, he is too, so it all works out!

Happy Week and I'll see you tomorrow!