Monday, June 24, 2013

Raise Your Hand if You've Ever Wanted to Toss Your Computer Out the Window

You'll notice mine are both raised and waving. Arrrggghhh!! Mine is a pain in the arse today and no one knows why, of course. And my time-honored trick of turning off the power and turning it back on isn't helping. That's all I know to fix things, so I'm kinda stuck. sigh. Apparently, I am not alone. Although I am wondering why it has scissors as the icon, it's not as though you can substitute scissors for the computer...and why is "throw" in there twice? Maybe it was a computer error. Ha!

Onto more crafty are some more paper pieced food items I made. Fun and easy and useful for layouts or cards. I think the apples are cool for teacher cards or school layouts. And the hot dog for festival or ball game layouts. All I know is that I like happy food, so I drew smiley faces on them. I think the cupcakes will have to go on a "why I love this bakery" layout. My fave bakery has THE BEST buttercream ever. If you're ever in the Dayton area, stop by Cake, Hope, and Love and get the salted caramel cupcake. Really. You'll thank me later.

I used markers to define the shadows a bit and distress ink. If you don't like to make your own doodles, just google an image and trace over it to get a feel for it and then try it freehand. Or, if you like, you can put the image on the window, put a white paper over it and trace the outline onto the clean sheet and then go from there. 

And now I want a cupcake...or a hot dog. Happy Monday!