Wednesday, July 31, 2013

da dum...da dum...da dum, da dum, da dum—SHARK WEEK!

Are you counting down to August 4th, the beginning of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel? Lots of people (including my favorite cupcake shop!) are. I always think of this theme music from Jaws when Shark Week approaches. John Williams, considered a genius in this household, is responsible for this amazing theme music. 

And Steven Spielberg is responsible for me being afraid of the lake that summer...well, he and my older sister who told me sharks could swim in three feet of water. She neglected to tell me the difference between fresh and salt water, but I'm not bitter about that...really. Maybe I shouldn't have been watching that when I was seven?!

School starts soon and I think my son is already hearing the strains of this song as school day approaches. In honor of kids everywhere who are not exactly happy with summer ending, I offer a school-themed craft. I jazzed up some school supplies with stickers, patterned paper and washi tape. So easy...but make sure you use a strong adhesive to keep paper in place. You can reinforce the stickers with adhesive too.

And if this still makes you sad, here's a shark ice cream sandwich pic to take your mind off school. You, too, can make these if you wanna. It's a perfect way to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday and keep a lookout for sharks in the lake...and let me know if you see any! (^^^)