Monday, August 5, 2013

If You Like Dr. Who, You May Not Like This Post

We have a little angel in the garden and now that we've seen Dr. Who, the kids are freaked out by her. Weeping angels aren't just statues, they're aliens and they're coming for you. So, you can't take your eyes off them or they will move to come and get you.

So, I kinda had a little fun with our innocent-looking garden angel. I took three pictures in succession of the angel closer and made this three panel card. 

Now, who should I give this to for a birthday card? I have so many people who would flip out if this came in the mail. Here's a short scene to explain a bit if you're not a fan. If you are a fan, have a little fun revisiting this scene. 
Happy "You Tube Geek Week"— and don't blink.