Wednesday, September 25, 2013

But It's Not Even Halloween Yet!

I know, I know. But I have this Christmas ornament idea that I wanted to share. So, if the holiday season scares you this early, let's call this a piece of Home Decor...for the tree, should you ever have one sitting in your living room in the winter, for purposes other than a holiday. 

I took the idea of the nest necklaces I've seen with pearls to represent your children and used larger florist wire (from the dollar store) and shaped it into a circle. At three intervals, wrap the wire around the circle of wire, to hold it in place and to make it look more nest-like. 

I used Sculpey to form the eggs, a pink and white for a girl and two blue and white for boys. It was super easy to form the egg shape, just roll a bit of clay near your fingers instead of in your palm (as for balls). They take on a different shape that looks more like an egg. Dry in the oven and use hot glue to secure in the nest. 

I made a Sculpey rose by making thin short pieces of clay, like a sheet of noodles before you cut them. They don't need to be even or perfectly rectangular. Pinch them together at the base and dry in the oven. I added a bit of clear stretchy cord at the bottom so I could add the gems. You can use the birthstones like here, pearl for June, pink for October and clear for April, or just add any colors.

Are you already working on holiday goodies? This is as far as I've gotten, but I am getting psyched for Halloween.
Have a good day!