Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wintery Wednesday...Redux

So, yeah, yesterday it reached 69° F and today it's 34°, if I could see a show of hands of people who are just done with winter weather? Yes, I thought so. Can't count all of you. Ah well, better weather has to be ahead, right? Right?!

Here's a quick little calendar you could make for a teacher, grandparent or anyone who has a desk or counter top. 

1. Take a clear 4x6 acrylic frame (check your dollar store but craft stores carry them too)

2. Add a little frame to the front (this one is Memory Makers but has these beautiful Webster's Pages resin frames)
3. Find a great picture (or leave blank for a teacher gift)

4. Trim patterned paper to fit and slide it in behind the mini calendar.

I colored this white satin ribbon with a copic marker to match. Finished! This is my college-aged daughter being her adorable goofball self at age three. She loves this picture.

You can also add a different paper for each month, pastels for Spring, Santa for Christmas, etc. Just cut them to fit and put them behind the first paper. 

Tell the recipient to take out the front paper when they switch the month and they'll be all festive.

These could also hold note pads if you don't want to do a calendar.

Here's the book cover of the's a new thing I'm doing. Don't some covers make you want to read the book right now?! I thought this was just kinda cool until I noticed the hair that looks like DNA clever! Apparently, she carries a not-yet activated Killer Gene...dunh, dunh, it's my book cover of the week!

Happiest of Wintry days from Ohio,