Monday, April 14, 2014

Let's Do Some Cow Punching!

As I understand it, this term really means branding cows, but I'm talking about making cows for layouts and cards with paper punches. 

Here is a variety of punched animals I made that were super easy. For the cow, I used and oval punch for the body and two ovals for the head. The pink nose is just sideways. The ears are a circle like the spot, cut apart. The legs are a trimmed down square punch.

I used my scallop punch for the sheep, along with a circle punch for the head and a square for the feet. The ears are a circle cut apart.

The chicks were the most fun, just a small scallop and bits of orange for the feet and beaks that I trimmed. The mother chicken is a large white circle with 1/4 trimmed off and a circle punch for the head. Again, I just trimmed the legs and beak from a piece of orange paper.

The pig is two circles. I cut the ears and legs by hand and a bit of thin pink for the tail. Then I curled that part with a pencil. 

And that's how you punch a cow at my house. These would be fun for a kid's party as cupcake toppers or goodie bag decorations. Also, if you have a farm visit or petting zoo visit to scrap, this would be perfect. 

Happy Monday!