Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Fun Food Friday!

It's a little installment I like to call Fun Food Friday, the phrase I borrowed from my firefighter husband. During the week, they all chip in $5 a shift and one person shops and cooks dinner, but if they're working on Fridays, they order out instead. And they call it Fun Food Fridays...which I find kinda hilarious. It's not like we're talking about kids here, and they all call it that. So, even though their FFFs seem to include pizza 90% of the time, my post today is about mini quiches. I tried The Gourmand Mom's recipe here

I made a half-batch and got 8 cupcake quiches vs. the 12 you should get. But I didn't add onions and I added the bacon at the end. I added my shredded cheese to the egg mixture instead of putting it in the pan before pouring in the eggs. I added real bacon bits to the tops 5 minutes before taking them out of the oven to keep it crisp and they were yummy. I had to include the cute bunny plate, which is rather large. Fill it with salad and you've got brunch!

Hint: Spray the sides with non-stick spray if you've got older pans. I just sprayed the bottoms and the sides were ridiculously hard to clean off. 

I put the extras in the fridge and reheated in the micro and they were just as good! 

I'm going to suggest these pizzas from here for the firefighters to do for their next Fun Food Friday! :) Now, that's definitely fun!

Oh, and here's a crafty freebie for you! From We Love to Illustrate. They do free downloads a few times a year and they are all insanely talented.

Happy Friday!