Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Flockers

So I decided since bunnies were soft and fuzzy and it's almost Easter, and I've been wanted to use some of my flocking powder, it was time for a Bunny Extravaganza! (And a couple of sheep.)

My camera is the worst and I'm trying to figure out the new one, so forgive the pics. Here's a bunny mid-flock.

I used a variety of punches to make the ears and faces and tails and added different bling to make the faces.

Next, I used my fingers to smooth a coat on of the white glue (Elmer's). I piled on the flocking powder and let dry like this before shaking it off (that helps with coverage imo).
  In this pic, you can see the difference on the ears, where I used some glue straight from the bottle on the left bunny and smoothed the glue on the right bunny. The picture below has glue from the bottle applied to the sheep and is raised.

Also on the blue-eyed bunny, I applied some more glue on top of the first layer of flock and applied a second layer. I really liked the fluffier version.

I tried Mod Podge Dimensional Magic (it's clear like Glossy Accents) and the coverage wasn't good. It wasn't as poor as the Enamel Accents paint, but I still like the white glue best, whether it's a thin layer or dimensional.

Happy Spring!