Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Math is Fun!

So, April is Math Awareness Month. I think we're all already aware of math and its importance but hey! if they want a month, they can have a month. I'm certainly aware of what 1968+46=2014, because I turned 46 yesterday! :) And today, our son turns 14...which is just ridiculous imo. Happy Birthday, though, to the best son ever! 

To celebrate Math Awareness Month, here are some math tshirts we should all get from a great magazine full of interesting material each month, Mental Floss.

Ok, you don't have to get a math tshirt—if you're like me, you'd prefer this one.

Here are some free number downloads if you're interested from Kristine Mckay Design. I love these number tags from her. She has a variety of numbers for download and ideas for decorating with numbers on the post.

That's it for me, time to go be more aware of math and do some birthday errands! 
Happy Wednesday!