Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Celebrating Chocolate Chips!

Can you even believe we have a National Chocolate Chip Day? Well, we do, because chocolate chips rock, that's why. It's actually tomorrow, but since I'm blogging today, I'm celebrating today. One of my favorite chocolate chip recipes is this Wookiee Cookie recipe here. 

I found it in a Star Wars cookbook when my son was obsessed with Star Wars. And by obsessed, I mean, really and truly into SW. Things he said back then include, "You should've named me Anakin" and, "Let's change our name to Skywalker" among others. I know far more about the Star Wars saga than I ever needed (or wanted) to and threw more than one SW-themed birthday party. 

Now that he's older, he still likes it but his obsessions run more toward the online gaming universe and I can say I miss the marathon watching of the movies. Ah well, we all still like this cookie recipe. Hope you do too. It's a great twist on the traditional Toll House recipe.

Here's a layout I just did with some Queen and Co. raindrops and some new foam Thickers. My college-age daughter got this big lollypop from someone and was enjoying it way more than you'd think for an adult. Of course, she enjoys everything way more than anyone I know, which is actually a great way to approach life. At any rate, this lolly rated its own photo op.

Have a great Wednesday and enjoy some chocolate chips tomorrow. If not in a cookie, eat 'em straight outta the bag!