Monday, May 12, 2014

The Salad Days

It's National Salad Month, so I'm celebrating with a salad recipe that's a big hit at parties. I got this years ago from Taste of Home. It's Layered Tortellini-Spinach Salad and it's pretty as well as tasty!

If you've ever heard the phrase "salad days" you know it means a youthful, innocent time. The only time I heard it was in Raising Arizona, but I guess it's an actual phrase. Here's a layout of some of our salad days.

It's layout about our little bookworm, Colleen. She taught herself to read at three and a few months. It was weird, but she said, "point at the words" while I was reading to her. So for the next few days, as we read lots of books, we had to point at each word as we read. The first ones she recognized were "the" "a" and "an." Then it just exploded and she would be able to read picture books from the library from her first time seeing the book. It kinda blew my mind that somehow she broke the code at that age.

It did lead to some funny mispronounciations, like blind as blend, which does make sense, because it doesn't have an e at the end to make it a long i, but we still thought it was so cute.

I have a picture of this rotten girl of ours who spent a few minutes pulling every book off the shelves she could reach and then sitting in the pile and taking up a romance novel to peruse at about 18 months. It's, of course, one of my faves. The other pic was taken by a friend of hers when Colleen was 18 years, so I put them together. The paper and washi is Queen & Co. I love the little fishy tape!

Have a Great Salad Month! And have fun remembering your Salad Days!