Friday, July 4, 2014

It's All About The Freedom

Today is July 4th, so we're celebrating the birth of the U.S.A. And while our founding fathers did make many mistakes, there's no doubting that this country has become something great. Not perfect, but really, really great. 

My kids have a hard time believing there are countries where you can be arrested for making a video to the tune of Happy, like these kids did,  or that the government can arrest you for protesting peacefully like these people were.

What makes these ideas seem crazy is that we were raised in a country that, at its foundation, believes the government is not the only or best answer in every situation. That we, as a people, are allowed a say in our lives and that we can disagree with our friends, our family and our president and still be allowed to voice that. How rare is that today? 

So, in order to celebrate our country properly, how about joining in a card-making party hosted by Operation Write Home, where we can use our artistic talents to say thanks to the people who preserve our rights and our freedoms and our way of life? I'm off to make my thank you cards and cards the military overseas can send back home to their loved ones. Because I'm lucky and thankful. Here's a star template from Spoonful if you want to make a shaped card.

If you know a member of the military, please let them know about Elva Resa, a publisher that specializes in military-themed books and workbooks for families of our military. There may be something helpful for them there.


Happy 4th of July my friends!