Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sisters Rock!


Today I have to show you a gift my sister, Julie, sent me for my birthday. It came with a note that read, "and it's only two months late." We tend to do gifts when we have time and when we've found an appropriate gift. For my graduation from high school, this talented woman cross-stitched a poem she had written me. Seriously, an entire poem cross-stitched. Talented. Here's yesterday's present.

Isn't it adorable? It's a resin tile that has a chain hanger that she made. And it's glittery! Does she know me or what? The little sister words are beads and I think the girls are buttons. They're 3-d at any rate. The sides are covered in multi-colored rhinestones. So fun and so much work! I totally love it! 

If you're talented with resin, I salute you. It always scares me off because of the mixing and the set up and all of it. I'm certain I'll mix it wrong and ruin a piece or pour it wrong and resin myself to the table. So I avoid it. 

If you have a sister, I hope she rocks like mine do. Here's a little quote you can probably understand if you have a brother or sister.

Happy Wednesday!