Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday's Child is Fair of Face

I was born on a Monday, so I guess I'm all "fair of face." Lol! I love that little rhyme, especially since both my kids were born on that makes them bonny and blithe!

And here's a segue for you—a baby card! I used Pretty Little Studio products and I just love their vintage die cuts, like this little guy and their printed vellum like the aqua wood grain here.

If you want to know what day you were born on, check day of birth. They'll also give you some more of your "characteristics" like I'm apparently soft-spoken and like to spend time with my family...while the second is true, the first...well, I don't think so! It also says I tend to have anemia-related problems and I do take iron sometimes for anemia. Hmmm, weird!

Happy Monday!