Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's A Book Of Halloween Past

We made this book that opens to a display for Halloween at a local store last year or so...and I took it out to display and thought, "this is really cool." So I'm sharing it today and a link where you can learn to make your own! I've filled mine with tiny pics of past Halloweens in no real order.

Cute, huh? Here's a great video tutorial from a talented lady if you're looking to make your own. And now that I've watched the video, I wonder how I even accomplished it! Luckily, mine was a step-by-step class or I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have attempted it.

I'm so excited that this is National Cookie Month, so here's a tasty recipe for you to try. It's one of our favorites (it's a chocolate chip cookie that takes the taste just a bit farther than the regular takes it to a galaxy far, far away—sorry, I had to!). Here's the delicious recipe.

Happy Wednesday!