Monday, November 3, 2014

Fire And Ice

First up, Fire in this photo from a recent fire my husband and his crew were fighting. Isn't he the best? Trust me, he is! Everyone got out safely, just fyi. Firefighters and police officers (along with teachers and waste management workers) have my undying admiration and have me saying,"HOW do you do this job every day?!" quickly followed by "Thank God you do!" because I'm not capable of doing any of these vital jobs.

Secondly, Ice in the form of this little snowman card. I love Paper Smooches stamps, don't you?! I also used gold paper to die cut varying sizes of hearts and then backed the die cut with pink cardstock. Easy peasy but I like how it turned out.

Hope you stay far from fire and ice, unless it's in this song format. Girl Rockers are the best!!


Happy Monday!