Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Peanut Butter Lovers Unite!

Apparently it's Peanut Butter Lovers Month...and my life would be a whole lot harder without peanut butter. My son only eats pb&j sandwiches in his lunch. Granted, I could get fancy and give him roasted chicken or quesadillas or whatnot, but he makes his own lunch and if it's not easy and fast, goodness only knows what he'd throw in there. Lunch might be a yogurt and a candy bar. Now it might still have those things but he'll also get his protein and whole wheat.

So, yay for peanut butter and here's a recipe I totally want to try. Chewy Peanut Brownie Bars.


And here are a few more pages from my Smash My Life book I'm making. Love Smash books, and I decided to use mine to just record my life for a year. Stuff I don't need to remember, but maybe want to. It's a place to put those little bits of life that I keep and never know what to do with—and I'm doodling in it and just having fun with it. This page is made with a stamp I just love and don't use all that often do you need a card with a pet octopus? Not too often! But it's best to have it just in case. :)

So I stamped and colored the image and popped them on top of a clearance Paris calendar page I found last year. The photos are all black and white and vintage in this small calendar and I loved them. It's a fun background for my steampunk lady. If you love this stamp, check out Las VegaStamps for a great selection of unusual stamps.

This spread covers Veronica Mars—the movie that my daughter and I went to. It was goofy how much I was looking forward to this. And Colleen gets enthusiastic along with me, so it was a fun time. The movie was a perfect fan movie and it was funded by Kickstarter money, which means we're not the only VM fangirls. 

If you haven't seen the tv show, you absolutely MUST give it a try. Veronica Mars is a teen detective with an attitude and the Nancy Drew for the millennium. Love her character, the storylines, the casting (Kirsten Bell from Frozen!), the's all just perfect. Ok, I'm finished gushing. See? This is why I had to put it in my Smash book! Check it out from the library and watch two episodes and you'll be hooked. Honest.

Have a great Wednesday!