Wednesday, January 21, 2015

At Least I Have A Picture

So, there was a company called Northridge Publishing Company and they printed the little square magazines like this one.

I got a project accepted and then they stopped publishing, disappeared off the face of the earth and they kept my project! It still makes me mad. Some people were subscribers and tried to cancel but were charged for months and lost money, so at least I didn't get swindled. I just didn't get published but not returning it was kinda crappy, because it had pics of my kids. I took a picture of the front of the little tag album and that's all I have left. boo hoo!

I'll try to move on and leave the bitterness behind (I'm doing great so far haha), but I thought I'd at least share the project here. I used tags from Prima and lots of little travel goodies to make a mini album of our trip to New Orleans as a family. 

Do you ever make mini albums? I have a few—including Halloween and Christmas that come out at the holidays as part of the decorations. What else can you do when you have a million pics? You can't make a million scrapbook pages, so mini albums it is! Plus, they're fun because they come together so quickly and you can make the subject whatever you want. 

I might have to remake this one...I still have lots of NOLA pics leftover and I did two pages already!

Happy Wednesday and leave me a link to any mini albums you've made—I'd love to see them!