Monday, May 18, 2015

Random Post Of Randomness

I thought today I might just post some random pics I have on the camera. It's time to actually print them but it always takes me forever to get around to that and then remove them from the camera. So, here are some of the latest pics to be removed.

One of my two apple trees a couple of weeks ago...see all those blooms/future apples? Enjoy it now, because once they are actual apples, the squirrels and birds will eat bits of each one and drop them on the ground. And I might again see a squirrel sitting at the base of the tree, eating one of the apples as if to say, "I'm enjoying a miniscule bit of this one so you will not be able to." At least, that's what it seems like to me!

Testing out new neon Hero Arts inks!

The work space after a challenge...and this isn't even the worst it's been. sigh. I am most definitely not a neat and orderly crafter.

This is my husband's 20-year-old truck with a Hulk figurehead...holding an Easter egg during a hunt this year. How often do you see this?!


This is a sign outside a business on the way to my mom's house. What does it say? I literally couldn't figure out what some of these meant. My son and husband figured out Deli per lb. Swiss, Turkey, Roast B, Farm fresh brown eggs. Ah, of course. Why didn't I know that?

And, lastly, the donut cake (it is actual fried yeast donut and not cake) for my son's 15th birthday just a couple weeks ago. He's been calling everyone Mate because of a video game (don't ask me) and so we had the donut shop put it on the "cake." 

And that is all for random pics from my camera. What's on your camera?

Happy Monday!