Friday, June 19, 2015

It's All About The Safety

Hi, all! It's National Safety Month, so let's be safe! 

Today I wanted to do a little Public Service Announcement and just let you know a little about the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance and some small things you can do to make a huge difference to protect yourself.

This is Heather Von St. James (and her family), a Mesothelioma survivor who was told she had just months to live and is now ten years past that frightening diagnosis. She's now intent on spreading awareness of the dangers of asbestos in the home...asbestos being just one cause of this cancer. She contacted me to ask if I'd do a blog post and since education can be key in making sure people are protected from this cancer-causing material, I said sure!

You can find this dynamic and dedicated woman here on facebook to read more about her.

Basically, asbestos was used for its insulating and heat-resistant properties and its fibers can be found in multitudes of older building products. The use of asbestos was banned in the U.S. after 1980 because of all the health problems it caused, including the rare (2,000-3,000 diagnoses a year) but malignant Mesothelioma. Treatments do exist and, as Heather has proven, the cancer can be beaten, but facts are especially important.

Keep in mind, if the building material is undamaged, the risk of having asbestos in your home plummets. It's when products (like ceiling or floor tiles or siding) are damaged that the asbestos becomes dangerous. 

Here's a link to more information on asbestos in the home. If you are planning a remodel in your home, check out this information before you start. We're replacing some flooring, but after reading this, I'm thinking that putting new tile on the old seems smarter and safer.

As the wife of a firefighter and paramedic, we are all about the safety in this house. Here's a little reminder (you can click on it to enlarge) of some things you can do to make your summer and family safer.

Did you see the third one? Along with having extinguishers, And make sure the fam knows how to use the extinguishers in your home. A little training can go a long way toward stopping tragedy. 

Thanks for stopping by. This has been a Public Service Announcement from me and Heather Von St. James (coolest name ever!) Now, go put on some sunblock and enjoy the summer!

Happy Friday!