Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Did You Hear The One About The Wookiee?

It's International Joke Day, so I've got some intergalactic jokes for you.

Ok, I think I'm finished now. Gotta love the Lego one. 

And here are the text pages I've been working on, now with color. I think this first one is a fail. I used color pencils and I just went a little too crazy with the coloring imo. I should've just colored part of the f, h, and e.

This one is ok, I used Tombow markers but I found out the pen I'm using (Sharpie pen) bleeds a little with these markers and the yellow isn't really the right color anymore.

I like this one, even though I still had some trouble with the yellow and black...see me cleaning my brush nib at the bottom of the page? I have to say experimenting with lettering has been fun and entertaining. Now I gotta go back to cards and projects for awhile to get some things finished.

Happy Joke Day and if you have a good one, tell me!