Monday, June 29, 2015

Can I Have The B, Pat?

The Weird Al song, Vanna Turn Me a Letter, is running in my head right now because I'm thinking of the lettering I've been doing. 

Here's my next round of tries. I used this book this time and it was pretty interesting. It has some great examples and some little "rules" to remember like using upper case then lower or upper, upper, lower, lower in the same word.

This one was fun and I made fun and I chose some of their words and some of my own and then added the "just be your best self everyday" at the bottom. I liked their scribbled flowers, so I did add some of those in. Now it's time to color it...just haven't decided how yet.

I saw this in the book and couldn't resist trying to imitate it, since I LOVE GLINDA. Although I always felt this information would've served Dorothy better in the beginning of her trials and saved her from being put in the dungeon. Apparently Dorothy had to learn some lessons and stuff first...whatever, Glinda. Good thing you're all sparkly and pink or I'd be mad at you. See the bubbles I added to my design? That's for her. 

So, I need to add color here too. Can't decide between marker, pencil or watercolor. The paper isn't really meant for lots of water, but I could probably figure something out. Hmmm...I guess we'll see on Wednesday what I came up with!

Happy Monday!