Friday, August 21, 2015

Say Goodbye To Summer

In the last week, we finished a short vacation, sent the high schooler back to school, took the college senior to her school and our temperatures have dropped to chilly in the morning. I think it's officially time to say goodbye to summer. cry. I love the lazy days of summer and no schedules and spending time with the kids and going places we've not been. So, a fond farewell to my favorite season in pictures.

family being weird in hotel hot tub

the swings at Michigan's Adventure

daughter posing with Snoopy at MAdventures

Silver Beach, MI

random gull hanging out by me

fave pic of the son at the beach, gull in the background, setting the scene for me.
And, yes, I noticed that I didn't make it into the pictures...although I am in one that my husband took on his phone, so I have proof I was on this vacation with them :) Does that ever happen to you? Lots of pics of everyone else? I guess I need to take more selfies like the kids, who will literally jam my camera with their weird selfies if I leave it about for them to find. And someday, I'll put those pics up and maybe, just maybe, that'll keep that to a minimum :)

Happy Weekend and Happy Fall!