Friday, September 4, 2015

Last Weekend of Summer

Labor Day in the U.S. used to be the last weekend before school started when I was a kid (hence the last weekend of summer to me) and now my kids have been in school for two weeks already. They get Labor Day off, so it's still a holiday from school and a chance to remember the workers who made this country great. I'm pretty sure my farmer and miner grandpas count as some of those hardworking men. I know my grandma worked in a factory some too, so we're solidly blue-collar, Labor Day kind of folks.

Sharing another lettering project today, since I can't stop making them. I keep coming across quotes I like, but this time I was thinking of movie quotes and this is one of my favorite movies. It came out in 1985 when I was a junior in high school. Do you know it?

Yep, it's The Breakfast Club. The woodgrain behind the quote is actually scrapbook paper, even though it looks like a table :) I haven't decided what to do with the quote yet. I had to tear it out of my notebook because I messed up at the bottom. I may just throw it into a smash book and keep it for myself.

Oh and Shhhh! I have to let you know about an email I got from Graphic 45. Their September challenge is up and I was going to link it for you so you can enter too, however, I can't seem to find it on their website or FB! Here's the info and don't tell them I told you. hehe. I love G45 and Halloween, so I've gotta enter this one! But I've also got to bring my A game, because they have amazing projects like the one below posted all the time. Isn't it gorgeous?!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!