Friday, November 6, 2015

National Nachos Day

Ok, I gotta tell you, I love nachos. Tasty, quick and somewhat nutritious (I mean, c'mon, beans, lettuce, tomato, it's practically a salad!), I first tried nachos back in 1984 when I was in Spanish Club. It seems weird to me that I had never had them, but there you go! We put the tortilla chips on a cookie sheet and shredded cheese on top and then heated til melted. That was—no salsa, no beans, nothing extra. But they were so tasty!

Now we sometimes eat them for dinner here at the house. The son still does just cheese but I dress mine up. Here's a tasty picture for you to drool over. And a recipe with carnitas on top, so yummy!

And will someone please make these for me from clay? Thank you! :)

I love Sweet Stamp Shop images, though I haven't yet purchased them...will rectify this soon, look at this little guy! You can buy him here if you love him.

Okay, off to either eat tacos or craft...or craft tacos. Either way, it's a spicy day here!
Happy Weekend!