Monday, April 18, 2016

Throwback Monday

Ok, it's not Thursday, but I thought I might do a throwback post any way. Here is my first scrapbook page, in our Vacation Travel Scrapbook. I thought we needed a scrapbook because we plan to see all fifty states and my husband's idea was to see them alphabetically.

Of course, I thought he was crazy since we drove to the farthest point in Alabama from Ohio with an infant, but the baby did fine and we had a blast. We were saving Alaska and Hawaii for when the kids were old enough to remember them and now we saving them because our kids are making us broke! :) We'll get there one day, just not now.

This is our very first state and my very first page. Here in the close-up you can admire my use of decorative edge scissors and trimmed ephemera from the guidebooks, apparently we stayed at a Days Inn. 

Of course, my favorite part is the adorable kids in the photo, sitting on the edge of the minivan eating candy from Miss Colleen's Kitchen near Gulf Shores. We had to go there, since our daughter is our very own Miss Colleen. She was excited to see her name there and more excited to eat a yellow chocolate sucker.

We're on the letter M now and turns out, we have a lot of states that start with M. We've seen Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts and Michigan and now we have four more M states to go. This year is Minnesota. So if you have any suggestions on what to see there, be sure to let me know!

I still need to scrap the Michigan page in the official Travel Scrapbook and I'll probably use some beach themed items from Pretty Little Studio, since we went to the lake. They have a new collection that I'm coveting, along with some vintage die cuts. Love PLS, where I keep getting pretty things to hoard use. I promise I will use them soon! (I'm not affiliated, just like them). I bought this little die cut and lurve it, but still not sure what I'll do with it. Probably a baby page from when my old kids (15 and 21) were babies.

Happy Throwback Monday...Throwback Thursday really does sound better, doesn't it?