Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May the Fourth Be With You

I'm not sure who started this little clever idea, but since it's a thing now, I'm jumping on the bandwagon! Star Wars has been big in this house since my toddler son spotted Yoda on a box of cereal back when Episode 2 was coming out. He didn't know Yoda, Star Wars or much of life in general, we are talking toddler here...but he knew he liked that box.

And that in turn sparked a whole obsession with Star Wars and I was convinced that marketing to kids really does work...because once he spotted Yoda on cereal, he then saw him on fruit snacks and other foods, along with the toys. Thanks, Kellogg's.

Here's a page I did of our trip to Disney World in 2008 at Hollywood Studios and they had a whole Star Wars section. I'm sure it has expanded and grown, but at the time, it was good enough for my 8-year-old son to be thrilled. 

You can almost see the silver spray I used on the page. I love that film strip from Tim Holtz too. It's pretty simple, but Ben had the sticker, so that pretty much made the page for me with the pics.

We had SW everything in the house, Legos, toys, books, costumes, food, and some of it still remains. I admit I just bought the SW graham crackers a couple of months ago. We also had a few SW parties and used the Star Wars cookbooks a few times.

This was our fave.

They have recipes for Wookiee Cookies (our fave), C3-PO pancakes and Han burgers. It's worth a check at the local library for these fun books...or buy them at your local bookstore if  you've gotta have them!

And yes, there's a Princess Leia Cinnamon Buns's the pic from that. 

Here's an idea for an easy way to celebrate May the 4th day at your house. This is from the blog I Should Be Mopping and if you like Mace Windu, I'd use purple chocolate melts for your light sabers if you want to be authentic. 

I heard Samuel L. Jackson decided he'd ask for a purple lightsaber, since no one else in the SW universe had one. And they totally gave it to him...that's awesome. I'd ask for pink myself.

Of course, my favorite anecdote from the Star Wars Obsession Years is when my son informed me that we should've named him Anakin...or change our name to Skywalker. Sorry, bud, but thank goodness we did name him Ben, after all Obi-Wan did use the alias Ben Kenobi in the very first movie. Whew!

Happy Wednesday! And May the Fourth Be With You Today!

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