Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Color Burst Powders and Me

Tomorrow on the a2z Scrapbooking blog, I'll be sharing some tips and art from my class with Sandy Allnock with my buddy, Linda. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun playing around with these colorful powders. 

The Ken Oliver Color Burst Powders react with water (and will reactivate with water once dry, which is important to remember) and make all kinds of cool patterns and effects. You can start with spritzing your paper and then add in the powder or sprinkle the powder on a page and then spritz with water.

Of course, you can also use a paintbrush for a little more control, but the fun of these powders is how they are a little unpredictable.

Ok, this is what we were supposed to make with the Color Burst powders for our final project. You use a brush in a limited way for the centers and to delineate petals a bit, but mostly, you just apply powder and water and try to make this happen. Ha!

This was my attempt in purples...and ALSO after I went home and added like, a ton of colored pencil to make it look more like a petunia. I didn't take a pic beforehand, because frankly, it was embarrassing. But that background, though. Fun and dynamic!

And a close-up of the color mixing that happened on the page. Some of the powder is a little more concentrated on the right-hand side, so it didn't move as much and looks like dots. More water and less powder on the top left means more movement.

This next one uses a sprinkle of the green powder up the tag and then some little flowers in the white spaces. The flowers were made by using clean water and a brush to make the petals and then dropping the powder on top of those areas. It spreads wherever there is water. The green dried by this point, but keep in mind it still reactivates after rewetting, so those colors will mix a bit. I added the leaves in with a paintbrush and the powder mixed with water.

This last one is a mix of the shimmer paint, Metallic Liquid and the green powders as background, along with stamped flowers and leaves.

I'm telling you, if you like to play, you need to try a couple of these. If you don't like a mess or surprises, these Color Burst powders aren't for you. But the Metallic Liquids might be up your alley, you just use them as paint and they are so shiny!

I'll have more on Friday if you'd like to see that shine up close and personal on another piece.

Happy Wednesday!