Friday, July 1, 2016

Bursting With More Color

In addition to Wednesday's post, I'm sharing some more Ken Oliver Color Burst projects we made in class with Sandy Allnock.

This rose stem is stamped and heat embossed in white and then powdered and then spritzed. See how the red powder escaped the flower and mixed with the green at the top? Unpredictable!

This one uses a combination of letting the Color Burst powders do their thing on the background and then adding some Ken Oliver Liquid Metal paint on the stamped area with a brush. The shine in these paints is lovely.

You can see I did another Color Burst and Liquid Metal mix here and the shine in the close-up pic is gorgeous!

These next two are the Hero Arts Antique Rose stamp that I love on watercolor paper, with Color Burst backgrounds and roses. I used the Color Burst mixed with water to make a paint. It looks like a traditional watercolor this way. No wild bursts of color like the Petunias above. But why go through the extra step? I'd just suggest regular watercolors for this style.

And I think that wraps up my examples from my five hour class! Again, these Color Burst Powders are fun and have a mind of their own, so if you don't enjoy surprises while you're creating, I'd use them as paint (mix the powders with water on a palette and use a brush). And if you like shimmer, the Liquid Metal paints are gorgeous and I recommend them.

Happy Friday!