Friday, July 8, 2016

Mmmm, Chocolate

Guys, guys, guess what? Yesterday was World Chocolate Day! Eek! It's like a high holy day at my house, lol. Okay, it's not but if I ever have a choice of cake, cookies, ice cream or candy, it'll be chocolate every time. Mmmm, chocolate.

So of course, I'm going to feature some lovely chocolate recipes today. If you've never had Chocolate Ecstasy, it is a must-try. So easy and great for when you've got company. Every time I serve it, it disappears and there are no leftovers.

This Nutella frosting looks fab-u-lous. My local cupcake shop, where, yes, they actually know my name, makes Nutella frosted cupcakes and they are sooo tasty, so if you want to make your own, here's the recipe, along with the recipe for the banana cupcake underneath the frosting :)

And if you need to watch your sugar intake, Jorge Cruise has a delicious 2-Minute Chocolate Cake recipe that's actually good for you. It uses almond flour, so it's low-carb and Truvia baking blend sugar, that doesn't leave an after-taste. This is truly the only reason I buy the expensive almond flour, this cake is that good and I eat it for breakfast when I'm dieting and yep, I lose weight, especially when cutting carbs. The texture is a little different than regular cake, but not in a bad way.

And here are a couple of chocolate-related crafty things for you. A free digi cupcake stamp to color 

and a fun chocolate craft if you feel like you need this charger...or maybe you want to make one for someone else for a present!

If you want chocolate looking earrings, this etsy seller has a fave are these bunnies!

Okay, now that we've had all the chocolate we need for the day, I'm off to make some pretty stuff. Hope you have a fab weekend!

Happy Friday!