Monday, July 11, 2016

It's Halloween in July

I know most people do Christmas in July, but I've gotta be different, I guess :)

I have a Halloween project that cost less than $1 to make. I had some of the felt, but even if you had to buy new felt sheets, it would cost you less than $2 total.

I just sketched out some ideas for the colors of felt I had, I couldn't decide if the witch or the bride of Frankenstein should be green, but in the end, I went with a green witch. The hair, eyes, and extras are also felt pieces. I hot glued them to a ribbon for a festive little Halloween banner. I submitted it to a craft magazine, but this idea didn't make it, so I get to use it on my blog. The faces are about 4x5 inches, like a card.

Here's a close-up. My fave is Frankenstein. I just finished up Penny Dreadful on Showtime and the monsters on there are less cute than this and much creepier.

I enjoyed the series, with monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein's monster. It's set in London and the costumes and scenery were right up my alley. It was a little graphic for my taste sometimes, but mostly it was just all good fun, even Dorian Gray showed up. And it's Showtime, so there was some nudity too. I liked the gothic feel of the show and how all the classic monsters kept showing up. Do you like scary stuff? I'm more of a don't-show-me-the-gore kind of gal. 

So, Happy Halloween early, and Happy Monday!


  1. Oh how adorable--love that you used felt!

  2. The felt craft would be a good activity for our younger kids in our youth group. I would cut out all the pieces ahead of time so they don't have to fuss with the felt. I'm not sure if we are having a party this Hallowen but if we do we are trying this.

    1. Cool! You could use sticky back felt for the eyes and mouths or googly eyes that are already adhesive too.


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