Monday, October 31, 2016

A Doodlebug Christmas

I love Doodlebug Designs so much, their products are really the cutest ones out there imo. And I tend to gravitate toward the cute, even if I do like trying to branch out. Today I'm sharing three Christmas cards (even though today is actually Halloween) with Doodlebug papers and die cuts (from their paper collection). 

I'm joining with the Caring Hearts Card Drive, which collects holiday cards for seniors in nursing homes. My mom has spent some time in a nursing home rehabbing after falls and I gotta say, it almost doesn't matter where it is, or which you choose, there's always something a little sad about the places. Mostly because you know someone there doesn't want to be there, someone has been forgotten or someone is just missing their family and home.

So this card drive is especially important during the holiday season, when loneliness can hit anyone without family. If you want to join in, the details are here.  You have until November 27th to enter the card drive and you can even win prizes.

Happy Monday! And Happy Halloween!