Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cutie Monster Card

I got this digi free from Useless Trinkets and you can too! She offers a lot of free cute images, including this little guy holding a coffee cup that I used in this post. You can also download free Halloween images and an adorable chubby unicorn...and there are some matching sentiments too!

This is for a first birthday card for my great nephew, Charlie. I'd like to say he was named for me (though he wasn't) because c'mon, Char/Charlie. Close enuf! :) 

I am also fooling around with watermarks for my pics. I'm using the cute shark image since Chark sounds just like it. Haven't decided yet if that's what I'm going with, but it was really easy in Pic Monkey...and free!

Oh and because it's National Cookie Month, I'm including the link on how to make these cute Cookie Monster cookies. I love both cookies and Cookie Monster, so maybe I'll actually make these. You use a flower cookie cutter for the base, and m&m and white chocolate disc eyes (the Wilton candy melts). Katrina uses shortening in her frosting, but I prefer butter or margarine in my icing. But, who are we kidding? I'd totally eat these anyway!

Here's Cookie doing his own Elmo's World show.

Happy Wednesday!