Friday, February 10, 2017

Coloring Freebie

I got this coloring freebie from Dawn Nicole on her blog, Dawn Nicole Designs, and you can hop over there and get your own freebies. She has coloring pages, lettering worksheets and free inspirational printables too. It's a very cool place to be!

Here's my colored version...I added the word Create and some extra black doodles to the existing doodles...mostly because I had a black pen and a piece of paper in front of me. It was irresistible. 

My notes from high school and college were covered in doodles and drawings. And when I'm on the phone now, good luck finding the actual message on the paper amidst the drawings!  
I used Prismacolor pencils on this one and a black Sharpie pen. It's super fun to color and not too complicated, which tends to scare me off. 

Not sure what I'll do with this one, maybe I'll put into my art journal. I'm not sure if it's necessary to do anything with the coloring when I'm's mostly the process and not the outcome that I enjoy. Thanks, Dawn Nicole!

Happy Friday!