Friday, May 12, 2017

Halloween in May

I was working on some Halloween projects for possible publication (you know they work in advance, so I'm always off-schedule) even though I probably ought to be focused on graduation cards right now. But here's a peek at one thing I'm working on...171 days in advance. 

I got these chipboard houses from Alpha Stamps. They have some amazing designers who I could never imitate, but they do inspire me. I also took inspiration from Stephen King and his haunted hotel in Colorado. I have a love/hate relationship with Stephen King and his books. They are scary, so I hate them...but they're good, so I love them. I haven't read one in many years, but I will admit The Shining was the scariest thing I've ever read and I had to read it outside in the daylight. ha!

See my creepy twins? This is a historical (or "an historical") photo I printed on vellum paper so you could see through them to the wallpaper. They're just little ghosts who want to play with you. Why won't you play with them?

Many of these elements are from the collage sheets at Alpha Stamps too. But the bottles are a 3-D Halloween sticker.

Happy Friday,

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