Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Journaling Cards in Card Making

I have a little problem...I love the journaling cards (like these) made for pocket scrapbooking...and I don't pocket scrapbook. Which means I have a box of these pocket cards in my stash. Not a little box, but a photo box full of them. So, I decided to use some of them recently. Although I have used them on traditional scrapbook pages, today I've got a card to show you. The aqua base is a larger pocket card cut to fit and then I used three more for the layers. I added the thanks embellishment that I've had forever and some Silver Stickles to finish it off.

It's a thank you card for my aunts, who I inherited when I got married 27 years ago. They are little Italian aunts who are around the 80-year-old mark and who live together. They are a hoot when we visit them. Aunt Katie is the elder sister and she tells Aunt Mae what to do, like constantly. And Aunt Mae (who lived for years alone until her sister's retirement) pretty much listens. 

They'll say pretty much anything and give you stuff whenever you visit (like pizelle cookies, homemade rolls, a casserole dish, a cookbook and old photos). One of my favorite Aunt Katie moments is when she was giving us a wedding party picture and naming all the people in the photo. At the end, she said, "everyone in this picture is dead, except me," very matter-of-fact and just calmly. It cracked us all up. 

They are generous to a fault and we love them like crazy, and I often send them thank you cards because they often give us things. I got a watch from Alaska recently that "a friend" gave Aunt Katie years ago and that she can't wear anymore. There's a story here but I don't have it yet. I intend to ask sometime in the future though. I'll bet it's a good one.

Here's a close-up. I like how this turned out, so I may actually use some more of these journaling cards in the future.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Really cute card!! And a very nice way to your pretty journaling cards! :)


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