Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Vacation All I Ever Wanted

Hey, friends, back from vacation! We went to Minnesota (we're seeing the continental states alphabetically) and it was 1. fun 2. a long road trip and 3. exhausting, like all good vacations are.

Here are some photo highlights of the trip...I'll be back Friday with some crafty stuff.

Mall of America, Minneapolis, Aquarium--Jellyfish (highly recommend)

Mall of America, Minneapolis, Nickelodeon zipline/climbing structure INSIDE the mall.
Minneapolis Institute of Art, Dave Chihuly sculpture (also recommended)

Museum of the Grand Prairie, Illinois (free and small but well-done, recommended)
Daughter, churning butter

MOA Aquarium, Minneapolis--Husband as fish (in cool tank you can climb into) 

MOA, outside Aquarium gift shop--kids cramming themselves into the "fun" ride

Monster Mini Golf, Lafayette, IN (small but fun, with some good video games too)
Creepy glowing clown that I literally could not putt into. 
Mental block or poor putting skills? We'll never know.

Museum of the Grand Prairie, Illinois--Me and Hubby posing as our parents did 
on the same kind of moon that made its way through 1950s carnivals and beaches. 
My mom is below on the one at Buckeye Lake and we have a pic of 
Matt's parents at Lake Erie on the same moon.

What did we like about Minnesota? The people were friendly and were actually like the characters on Fargo in that they had slight accents and did the trailing off thing in conversation. "Well, it's a nice beach if, y'know..." um, okay. 

The Mall of America is actually cool even though I thought, what a very odd thing to do on vacation. The Nickelodeon theme park inside is a marvel of engineering. How on earth do they fit all that in that space? There's a Lego store with those fab Lego sculptures, a Crayon store/experience that's probably for younger kids but my adult daughter had to go in anyway to see all the color-coordinated art supplies. The teacher in her was happy! There's an aquarium that is absolutely cool, with a tunnel with sharks/turtles/fish/sting rays/smol octopus that became my daughter's bestie while we were there. (She likes the cephalopods for some reason.)

They have a virtual reality arcade that my son and hubby had a blast at...inside the mall again. I ate cheese curds (fresh and squeaky) at the mall even though it's kind of a Wisconsin thing. You can't get away from the CHEESE signs at the exits all along the way. I prefer them deep-fried like this, but I still enjoyed them fresh.

What was less than cool? The nearly 20 dead deer we saw on the freeway...apparently they don't clean those guys up too often. And ohmygosh the mosquitoes. Our windshield and truck grill was plastered with them. We didn't venture out in the twilight and I'm so glad we didn't, we'd have been attacked. Just sayin' take your bug spray if you go!

All in all, it was a good trip and we had fun, though it's always good to get home too!

And I absolutely love the Go-Go's Vacation song, hence my blog title. If you're a fan of the Go-Go's, the 80s or just pop music, here's the YouTube video.

Hope you're having a fab summer too...if it's summer where you are! :)
Happy Wednesday,


  1. So fun, really beautiful photo of you and your DH! Thanks for sharing Char.


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