Friday, September 8, 2017

No Stamping Holiday Cards

While I love to stamp, I'm not really that great at it (tho the MISTI has greatly helped) and sometimes it's more trouble to get out the supplies than I have time for. For this card, I used an embossing folder and some dimensional, glittery stickers to make a holiday card.

It came together very fast and I can just write a sentiment inside...or I can break out the stamps and put in a more polished greeting. Either way, this card is so fast and easy. I love embossing on metallic paper, it seems to really make a statement with very little effort. Here's a close-up of the gold embossing.

For this next card, I embossed die cut plates into white cardstock and then layered them. Then I took a preprinted acetate scene, added Diamond Stickles to the back of it and adhered when it was dry. 

Another fast and easy card with no stamping. I'll break out the stamps and inks soon, but honestly, it's a mess when I'm finished! I should try to be more organized when creating. Bwahaha! Who am I kidding? That is NOT me :)

I did just purchase a magnetized bowl meant for the workshop and screws and whatnot. I saw someone had one for their little dies and I'm forever misplacing those while working, so I'm hoping to stop losing those with this bowl. Gotta keep it away from the computer though!


Happy Friday!

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